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Pear Butter needs to be transparent, wear a white robe, have white wings, be standing in front of her gravestone, next to an equally tr...

You hideous, sick bastard! You can't just draw people in love with their PARENTS! You're the worst person to EVER LIVE! I CURSE YOU FOR...

Extra Thicc Papi Extra Thicc Papi Extra Thicc Papi Extra Thicc Papi Extra Thicc Papi Extra Thicc Papi Extra Thicc Papi Extra Thicc Papi...


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A Psycho with a Cigarette
There's just something... eerie about Lerew. Eerie enough that people start feeling nervous whenever they suspect he might be nearby.

I forgot my transition, but here's Dogadon strolling through Fungi Forest.

Dogadon: *suddenly feeling somewhat uneasy* *looking around him*
???: What's the matter? You seem frightened.
Dogadon: !!
???: *suddenly in front of Dogadon* You appear to have seen a ghost.
Dogadon: *yelping in fright*
???: *chuckles* Some people are just so easy to scare. By the way, have you seen an individual going by the name Lanky Kong?
Dogadon: A-are you looking to hurt him? B-because we Kremlings have standards, you know!
???: Ah, a Kremling, I see. Who might you be?
Dogadon: I'm Dogadon. I'm one of the higher-ups who gets to call King K.Rool our Master.
Lerew: You can call me Lerew. Clearly, the rest of the Orang-Troops weren't ready for my master plan. *takes a puff of his cigarette*
Dogadon: *holds his breath*
Lerew: Now, could you show me where King K.Rool makes his home?
Dogadon: For a king, he doesn't really have a castle, more like a base of operations, and that's in Krem Isle. *escorts Lerew to Krem Isle*

Meanwhile, the rest of the generals are planning something big.

Mad Jack: OK, so we have our Quad-Squad of boys, you four can have your own Quad-Squad of girls. InsaniDoll, you're the leader, Maskly, you're the hyperactive ditzy one, Psy-Geist, you're the intelligent grump, and Kitano, you can be the... eurh...
Dogadon: Hey, guys, I kinda brought someone over. He... Kinda creeps me out, so I don't know if I should--
Lerew: That's OK, I'll introduce myself to the rest of you.

Here he is! Lerew kinda creeps everyone else out. Mad Jack and InsaniDoll aren't fazed, though.

Mad Jack: Uh, sorry, the Master kinda doesn't allow cigarettes. *drops the cigarette out of Lerew's mouth* He may be a bad guy, but he has standards, you know! And I don't know if Kei wants to see you with busted-up lungs.
Lerew: You're telling me that cigarettes are bad for me? I've been smoking ever since I turned 18. I wanted to look rather dangerous.
Mad Jack: I don't care that smoking makes you look cool, because doctors say that tobacco slowly and dangerously kills people.
Lerew: *gets another one out of his pack and lights it*
Mad Jack: ... *sigh* Whatever floats your boat, I guess...
Lerew: Anything further to intimidate Lanky with.
Mad Jack: *rushes over to Lerew* I heard that!
Lerew: You know me. One of the things I fantasize about the most is all the ways I could be twisting, churning, biting... All this just to hear the sweet, sweet sounds of Lanky's screaming...
Mad Jack: We're allowed to do all manner of things to the Kongs, but engaging in physical torture just for your own amusement!? *opens his eyepatch* Listen to me, and kindly stop trying to torture Lanky!
Lerew: *immune to the brainwashing, despite not being a Kong*
Mad Jack: *closes his eyepatch* I can understand Pinky and Army Dillo, since they ate the bananas, but you!? You're a special case!!
Lerew: What's to stop me from my favorite pastime?
Army Dillo: *slowly, but nervously, reaching for the cigarette in Lerew's mouth*
Lerew: *swiftly grabs Army Dillo by the arm to stop him*
Army Dillo: *wailing in pain*
Lerew: Hm... With you, child, it's just not the same... Lanky's screaming is special, different from yours. Something about his screaming brings me an almost cathartic sense of ecstasy. It brings me to a euphoric state. *holds out a knife*
Pufftoss: You better not...
Lerew: *points straight at Army Dillo's arm with the knife* Do you want me to replicate that sense of euphoria to teach you a lesson?
Army Dillo: *whimpering* *attempts to get away*
Lerew: Resist all you want. You can't match my strength. *prepares to stab Army Dillo in the arm*
Mini Dillo: *rushing in at the last second to block the hit* *his hard shell bends the knife*
Lerew: !?
Army Dillo: *hurries back to his room* *turns the sensor off*
Lerew: Please open your door right this instant.

Army Dillo refuses to answer.

Lerew: ... *sigh* I guess I'll go talk to that helmet-wearing fellow over there.
Ray: Oh! You called!?
Lerew: Yes, I'm looking for an individual named Lanky Kong. Would you care to locate him for me?
Ray: *suspicious* Why?
Lerew: I'd like to engage in something with him.
Ray: I'll bet that something is probably twisting his arms and legs, sticking sewing needles up his neck, placing him in the Pain Sand in Angry Aztec, covering him with Pain Plants from Fungi Forest, sticking his torso full of spikes from a Kosha's club, and last but most certainly not least, covering the aforementioned Pain Sand with the boiling acid from Creepy Castle!
Lerew: *chuckles menacingly* Great idea, young man! I'm flattered you could come up with some amazing ideas as for what I could do to him! *prepares to leave and do whatever horrible fate Ray unintentionally suggested*
Mad Jack: *creates a wall of fire in front of where Lerew was planning to go* Going somewhere?
Lerew: ... *sigh* I guess I'll hold off on that young man's suggestions.
Mad Jack: *makes it more intense* You PROMISE?
Lerew: ... *sigh* I promise.
Mad Jack: *begins to sing a melody to have the firewall surround both himself and Lerew*
Lerew: What is the meaning of this?
Mad Jack: I'm an amazing lie detector. I can tell you're just saying you won't torture Lanky so you can leave this place. I'll only let you go once you're finally honest about not trying to do that.
Lerew: I'm being serious here. I already said I wouldn't do what that young man suggested.
Mad Jack: *makes the fire circle more intense*
Lerew: ... *sigh* I cannot tell a lie, I will not hurt Lanky.
Mad Jack: *makes it even more intense*
Lerew: ...Is there really nothing I can do?
InsaniDoll: Jack, STOP!!
Mad Jack: *promptly dissipates the fire circle on command*
Lerew: And here I thought you'd never let up. *leaves*
InsaniDoll: That guy had already been honest about not hurting Lanky for now. There was no need to create this mess! *points to the hideous black stain in front of the exit*
Mad Jack: ...Okay. I'm sorry, I kinda went too far.
InsaniDoll: Sheesh, you and your short temper sometimes... *gets out a wash cloth*
Mad Jack: No, babe, I think I got it from here. *sings a melody, making the stain disappear*

Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong 64 - Mostly Classic Rareware with minor help from :iconnintendo:
Base (used as a reference) -…
Island Lookout
Even two days later, Lanky's still shaken by the fact that a psycho bent on hurting him managed to stare into his room and give him a Nightmare. That's why he's looking to his cousin Pinky for additional help.

Lanky: You'd best be on the lookout for any weirdos, OK?
Pinky: Aren't we all weirdos?
Lanky: No no no, I meant those weirdos who want nothing more than to see my pain. The ones who smile wickedly upon hearing the sounds of my suffering.
Pinky: Oh, I think I saw one of those at my door the other day! He looked kinda creepy and he was smoking a cigarette and--
Lanky: HA! YES! That guy! He's the one obsessed with my pain! Now why don't you, Winky, and Crissi take out that creep? Or at least close off the entrance to Fungi Forest, since that's where Manky shooed him off to.
Pinky: No problem, cousin!

Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong 64 - Mostly Classic Rareware with minor help from :iconnintendo:
Base (used as a reference) - :iconamelia-bases:

Journal History


These are all DKverse versions of the characters.

1. DK
2. Diddy
3. Lanky
4. Tiny
5. Chunky
6. Winky
7. Crissi
8. Dimy
9. Rapply
10. Harm'ny
11. Manky
12. Cranky

now answer these questions!

1. 6 and 11 are going to a Skillet concert, but 3 secretly follows them. in the middle of the concert, 3 thought of a plan. what did three decide to do?

Lanky: Well, if I secretly followed these two to a concert, maybe I'd take a picture. I don't want to be rude...

2. 9 decides to make an action packed horror movie. he/she forces 1, 4, and 12 to be in it. what happened?

DK: This was a HUGE mistake.
Rapply: But hey, it's fun!
Tiny: ...I'm not exactly comfortable with all this tomato smoothie all over me.
Cranky: *aims his shotgun at the camera* One more unnecessary "scary" prop and I swear to God I'll make sure the rest of you folks are running away.

3. 7 invites 8 and 2 to a sleepover party. 10 got jealous and decides to ruin the sleepover. how did he/she ruin it?

Harm'ny: *flipping her huge ponytail around like crazy* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Everyone else: ................................

4. you hear a knock on your door. you open it to see 5 burst in your house toward the bathroom.

Chunky: Sorry, I had too much Taco Bell...
Me: ...What the Hell was That??

5. 2's house burns down and is forced to live with either 3 or 6. who does he/she chose and how does it go?

Diddy: Lanky!! I've decided to live with you after that incident regarding the stove, they should rebuild my house within, oh I dunno, 12 days?
Lanky, Pinky, Crissi, and Manky: *all staring at him like he's speaking Chinese over here*

6. 11 is in love with a tree. what does he/she do when 4 decides to burn it down?

Manky: W-what!? How could I be in love with a tree!?

7. 8 wants revenge on 10 for ruining the sleepover. what does she/he do?

Dimy: *whipping her own ponytail around* This is for breaking everything in my house!
Crissi: I think you mean, MINE?

8. 12 is a vampire! he/she ends up biting everyone, including you.

Cranky: W-WHAT!? Me, a vampire!? That would mean my own SON would have to kill me!! *spies DK in the distance* Don't get any ideas, boy...

9.  1 survived 12's attack, and kills him/her. she/he decides to hold a funeral for everyone but 5. 5's ghost is angry, and decides to do something. what does he/she do?

DK: That's ridiculous! Even if he were a vampire, I would NEVER go so far as to kill my papa! A real Kong expresses undying loyalty to his or her peers.
Chunky: So that's why he's still a Kong after all these years of griping and complaining.

10. 7 turns into a man-eating worm. only 10 can stop him/her. does 10 succeed? or does he/she fail?

Crissi: If I was a man-eating worm, I'd end up being sad because Chunky wouldn't like me anymore...

11. everyone, for some reason, thinks that Grant Kirkhope is the best person alive. why is that?

Because he's only the BEST N64-era musical genius alive!

12. 4 and 2 got in a car accident, while 3 and 7 are writing a story about how 1 falls in love with his/her best friend. 5 and 12 are drunk and hanging at your house, 8 is tortured by 11, and 6, 9, and 10 are trapped in a snowstorm and are forced to try and eat their own feet.

Everybody: ...What.

13. 1 and 5 switch bodies! they go around telling everyone. how does that go?

Well, it goes... rather well. You see, DK is acting suspiciously meek, while Chunky is unusually brave.

14. 6 starts stalking 8. 12 figured out why, and decides to kill 7.

Cranky: NO! That's not what a Kong just DOES.

15. 9 thinks he/she is the most beautiful flower in the prettiest meadow. what does everyone think about that?

Rapply: ...*dons a flower suit* Hey look at me! Ain't this purty!?

Everyone else stares in shock. Dimy blushes and giggles.

16. 11 just shrunk 6 inches. what does 4 think about that?

Manky: *ducks so that he appears about 6 inches shorter*
Tiny: ...Not impressive. Not impressive in the slightest...

17. 2, 3, and 10 all fall in love with 1. what do they do to show how much they love him/her, and what does 1 try to do about it?


Diddy, Lanky, and Harm'ny stop dead in their tracks.

DK: I already have a girlfriend. Her name is Candy, and we're very happy together.

18. 11 and 5 got jealous of 10 for unknown reasons, and decides to do something to him/her. what do they do?

Manky: Right, so here's the plan. While Harm'ny is sleeping, why don't we move her bed so that it's next to the cannon that leads to Fungi Forest?
Chunky: Playing that mean of a prank on her? Don't you think that sounds kinda... harsh?

19. 6, 7, and 12 each buy a different Justin Bieber CD to torture you with. they tie you to a chair and play them on full blast.

No they don't. Not even Cranky's that cruel! The only folks who'd have an icy enough soul to do that would be the Kremlings.

20. you wake up one morning to see 1 sleeping by your bed. but later that day you find him/her sleeping in your fridge.... and then the couch... then the stairs... and then on the bathroom sink... and then on your bed.


21. 2 and 4 just figured out how to make origami... not. they still don't know how.

Kiddy, Barry, Jeffy, and Sassy all simultaneously boo them.

22. 3 and 9 make a bet to act like each other for the whole day. what does everyone think about their strange behavior?

Notice how Lanky's acting like a big know-it-all, whereas Rapply's more polite and reserved.

23. 3 and 10 are for some reason going to get married tomorrow. 6 gets extremely jealous and tries to kill 8 because 7 apparently arranged the marriage, but 9 stops 6 with 1's help. 2 accidentally kills himself/herself, and 4 holds a funeral for him/her. 11 and 12 try to sky dive to get to the wedding, but 12's parachute fails to work. and why the hell is 5 eating my cookies?!

Chunky: ... *with a mouth full of cookies* I was hungry, OK?

24.  everyone is sick of the quiz. 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 all jump off a cliff cause they couldn't take any more questions, while 1, 2, 5, 7, 9, and 11 all laugh their heads off at them while giving stupid comments about it.

Lanky: Sick of it? What!? This is the most fun I've had since the time I had to stop the Blast-o-Matic from killing everyone I know and love!

25. the quiz is over. 1, 5, and 11 decide to party, while 10 gets everyone else to start a war against you.

Manky: Well the bad news is that it's over. The good news is, it's almost time for Halloween!
Chunky: Meep?


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